Exhibition time: 13 11 2019 - 07 12 2019

Venue: Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės a. 27, 44279 Kaunas, Lithuania)


Private view of the exhibition "Archeologists 25" by artists Arūnas and Reda Uogintai, will be held on 13th of November (Wednesday) at 6p.m. at Meno Parkas Gallery in Kaunas (Rotušės a. 27).  Inviting!

Since 1993 Reda and Arūnas Uogintai, a duet called THE ARCHEOLOGISTS, organize performances, participate in contemporary art festivals held in Lithuania, Latvia, UK; take part in exhibitions across Italy, China, Poland, Germany, France etc.; sculptures, graphic artwork, paintings and installations.

A portal http://letmefix.lt/Archeologai writes that in 20th century between 9th decade‘s end and 10th decade‘s beggining, Šiauliai was one of the most important breeding grounds for contemporary or avangard art in Lithuania. In Šiauliai, a young artistic and especially strong musical community gathered, planting first seeds for alternative culture, video and performance art. „The Archeologists“ were founded in the beginning of the 10th decade, in the midst of it’s boiling and vibrant avangard culture. Their art holds properties, reminiscent of window-dressings, even contains theatricality, often imitating shows, the format associated with comercial culture. The „theatricality“ of the duo always masked a subtle game with “comercial“ tropes, the „provincial“ category and the comprehension of beauty and “theatre”.

For the past 25 years, Redas and Arūnas Uogintai have been making the city of Šiauliai known in the world of contemporary art. In their anniversary exhibition, the artists expose their new pieces and invite for a meeting, discussion, interpretations as well as a get-to-know of visual art.

At the opening of the exhibition a performance will be acted out: the participants are Reda and Arūnas Uogintai accompanied by an accordion played by Eugenijus Raugas (Dusetos).

In Šiauliai there used to be a club „Max‘as“ which has gone bankrupt and was closed a long time ago, but at the time widely known in Lithuania, taking up a third of the centre of culture’s premises. During the reconstruction of the centre, we found loads of boxes with rolls of cheques from the bar. Turns out that a part of history can be shown through rolls of receipts from parties, containing drinks, cigarettes and snacks; even more interesting than that is the moment when you find your own bill from 20 years ago.

Old age comes inevitably, but with it – insanity along the passage of life. Can a performance, a play reflect this state of mind and does it need difficult combinations of words to be explained?

Translated by Jūra Lazauskaitė