Exhibition time: 07 02 - 07 03 2020

Venue: Meno Parkas Gallery (Dorotheenstrasse 22, 40235 Dusseldorf, Germany)


Private view of the exhibition "One's Own" by Lithuanian artist Arūna Aleksandras Daugėla will be held at February 7th (Friday) at 7pm at Meno Parkas Gallery in Dusseldorf (Dorotheenstrasse 22). 


Balancing in-between open realistic and abstract forms, I create objects of the most unexpected shapes with, characteristic sense of humor, witness and conflict between optimism and pessimism. 

Arūnas Aleksandras Daugėla


Arūnas Aleksandras Daugėla is known as a longevous teacher of Kaunas Subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts and a participant of numerous art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. The plastic expression of author’s sculptures could probably be described as realistic but his works often acquire a phantasmagoric, surreal character because author’s choice of themes, plots and personages. The works of Daugėla are frequently based on human portraits, fragments of human anatomic forms which convey irony and grotesque; his depiction techniques are based on the principles of surrealism. Daugėla’s profound knowledge of materials and technological expertise are adopted for the development of strange, intriguing sculptural shapes which highlights the originality and suggestibility of his works.


Organizer: Meno Parkas Gallery
Partner: "Gleixnerart"