Exhibition time: 05 06 - 04 07 2020

Venue: Meno Parkas Gallery (Dorotheenstrasse 22, 40235 Dusseldorf, Germany)

Jun-Ho Park »Continue?«
Spring 2020. No one, really no one, knows what will be in store for the society in the coming weeks, months, even years.
The artist Jun-Ho Park deals with this very uncertainty. He calls his exhibition »Continue?« - a question that is currently being negotiated in the media and society. But it‘s not a question of »whether« it should continue, but rather of „how“: Do we also want to network more digitally after the pandemic, replace the digital with the personal in many places and aren‘t social life and social media almost the same anyway? Are we now more convinced that security in a globalized world can only be truly effective and sustainable through digital surveillance?
Does the need for security legitimise the collection of any data on the population?
In the exhibition, the visitor is confronted with numerous surveillance cameras. They are all made of wood, there is no doubt about that, and yet a strange feeling accompanies the viewer: One feels suspicious and controlled. In this context, the mirror also appears threatening and unsettling, the association of an interrogation room arises. The visitor sees his mirror image - his selfie - in the context of surveillance.
The artist is interested in playing with discarded everyday objects that trigger individual associations. He decomposes them into single fragments, like incomplete snippets of memory, and links them in such a way that abstract landscape pictures, large material collages, are created and which, reduced to essential elements, create new contexts.
There are no written statements in the exhibition. Instead, there are individual words, letters or punctuation marks, which could be fragments from countless, arbitrary chat conversations. They are contextless, universal.
Jun-Ho Park takes another step back and leads remaining sentences and terms back to their origins, compressing, so to speak, everything that remains to be said or seems unarticulatable, in the »Alphabet-Tower«.
Bianca Quasebarth
- - - - - - -
Jun-Ho Park *1971 in Seoul. Lives and works in Düsseldorf.
2001-08 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Meisterschüler of Georg Herold (2007) / Akademiebrief (2008)
Solo exhibitions (selection)
2019 Army of Fallen Angels, VAA / Outdoor Expo, Viinius, Lithuania
Uzu Peace, Uzupis Art Incubator, Viinius, Lithuania
2011 Full Package, Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Düsseldorf
2010 Unterwegs - on one‘s way, with Ildefons Höyng, Galerie Sylvia Bernhardt, Wiesbaden
2009 Elsterbrücke / Outdoor Installation, Nacht der Museen Schreier & von Metternich fine arts, Düsseldorf
Oscar Schmidt / Jun-Ho Park, Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Düsseldorf
Group exhibitions (selection)
2020 So nah aus der Ferne, Kulturforum Alte Post, Neuss
Re-Decoders: Digital trifft Analog, Onomato Künstlerverein e.V., Düsseldorf
2018 Posta Portae No.7: closer, Düsseldorf
Scholarships (selection)
2019 German-Lithuanian artist exchange, Vilnius, Lithuania - Kulturamt Düsseldorf
2009 Global Residence, Ku Art Center, Beijing, China
Foreign Artists Residency Works, Daegue Culture and Art Center, Korea