Exhibition time: 02 08 2020 / at 1 PM

Venue: Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės a. 27, 44279 Kaunas, Lithuania)



Friday (07 31):

19:00-21:30 Review of video experiments in Džiugai

19:00 Performance for 10 participants (1x1) "15 min. of Care" by Vaida Tamoševičiūtė

19:30 Performance "Untitled" by Guadalupe Aldrete (Mexico)

Sunday (08 02):

13:00 Artist talk with Guadalupe Aldrete. "Motherhood and Art"



Event series - S MOM. Equilibrium

S MOM is a performance platform for discussions and various ways to represent (not)being a mother by Vaida Tamoševičiūtė

"With Guadelupe Aldrete (formerly Lala Nomada, known for Lithuanian public since CREATurE Live Art 2014) I meet in July for a 10 days long residency at BiteVilnius residency, established by artist and mother Marija Griniuk. Together with our children we stay in this isolated homestead. We both derive inspiration from personal experiences, but represent universal problems, research relationships between human/individual and socium. During the symposium we will be searching for points of connection, experimenting, sharing experiences how to find balance between motherhood and art. Our findings will be presented at Meno Parkas Gallery in Kaunas". - Vaida Tamoševičiūtė

I am always "here and now" and at the same time I'm also absent.
During these first 10 months of motherhood I experienced stronger stadiums of both, direct connection between my body and my mind, and complete dissociation of my body from my mind. On one hand, during my creative processes I find myself re- discovering my bodily sensations: pleasure being easier to feel and pain relativized to almost irrelevant. On the other hand through, I also continuously stay absent from my co body, keeping working with my mind (and sometimes one hand) while I hold and feed my baby, or do some chores at home or finally found time to go under the shower.

When I first discover that I was pregnant I promise myself to remind being myself and not to let motherhood change my art. As an artist I avoided the topic and stayed on my previous themes. I realized that it wasn't me (person and artist) the one -or only one- that was changing: society, people and friends around me change and started to "have a right" of an opinion about my life, to make decisions for me and transformed my existence in nothing but a vessel carrying a precious baby. That was the turning point. My work was and is pretty much about my battles, and this unexpected one was too big to be ignored.


This event is a part of Meno Parkas Gallery project "Taste of the Heaven". The project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.