Exhibition time: 10-22 11 2020

Venue: TPK Art i Pensament Contemporani (Av Josep Tarradellas 44, 08901, L'Hospitalet (Barcelona)


TPK Art in Pensament Contemporary in collaboration with Meno Parkas Gallery paricipating at LOOP Barcelona Video Art Festival, presenting artist's Arvydas Žalpys video “Silent cinema” or a never-ending search for Truth

This video project consists of three video stories presented simultaneously. The first story pictures a blind girl, who is looking for a light by “erasing the black”. The second video represents the artist’s discussion with Robertas Antinis. Finally, the third silent video story shows the motives of daily environment in the form of “sound recording” of the discussion happening in the second video. This project aims to confront the viewer with the following question: “If a blind person can see the world by touching it, can a “sighted” hear it by simply seeing it? 


The exhibition at TPK Contemporary Art Center will be open from November 10 and can be visited every afternoon, from 17 to 20 hours from Monday to Friday until November 22, at the TPK. 


LOOP Festival 2020 proposes a hybrid program, with virtual and in-person events, built by professionals and entities committed to creating much-needed spaces for exchange and reflection.

Highlighting in particular local artists and their collaborators, the projects that make up the program will explore, naturally, some common and recurring concerns of the present moment. How do we relate to our surroundings, be it the natural landscape, the urban context or the bodies in proximity to objects and other living beings?


Read more about the LOOP Festival Here 


Gallery's Meno Parkas participation at Loop Festival financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.