Exhibition time: 20 12 2020 - 17 01 2021

Venue: Online Exhibition


Meno Parkas Gallery is presenting video about two Lithuanian diaspora artists Rimas Čiurlionis (USA) and Katryna Čiurlionis (USA) and their exhibition „Two Generations“.

Rimas Čiurlionis is inviting us in his atelier. Camera in artist's hands just as an extension to his eye sight – moves through usual  space without emphasizing anything – artists tools, drawings, paintings, unfinished, and finished, and ones who today supposed to be in Kaunas, but now are resting on the shelves here in Chicago. He takes us for a walk on the streets and nature landscapes with the same non-binding look, and in those fragments one can trace where the inspiration sparks comes from, and how the everyday looks like.  

Exhibition of the father and the daughter „Two generations” should have been about the dialog of different generations, discussion about fragility and balance. Newest paintings by R. Čiurlionis should have been presented and for the first time in Lithuania – videos and drawings by K. Čiurlionis.

Exhibition is a part of Meno Parkas Gallery project „Accents“. It was anticipated, planned, coordinated. While preparing thoroughly even tiny model of Meno Parkas Gallery space was made – to plan the exposition better. Delayed. Because of quarantine. Once again – anticipated, planned and coordinated.

And in the end – it had still had to fit the screen.



The exhibition is partly funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Kaunas City Municipality.



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