Eglė Ulčickaitė (b. 1989)




Since 2013 Art PhD studies, Vilnius Academy of Arts.

2011 – 2013 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Painting, Master of Fine Arts.

2007 – 2011 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Painting, Bachelor of Fine Arts.

2002 – 2005 Alytus Art School.

1995 – 2007 Alytus Panemunė Secondary School.


Personal exhibitions

2015 Temporary Places (While I Was Not Here), gallery “Meno parkas”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2014 Somewhere in Everyday Life, gallery “Akademija“, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013 At present of Time Unseen, Beatričė Grincevičiūtė memorial apartament-museum, Vilnius,Lithuania.

2010 Painting Exhibition, Public Library of Daugai, Daugai, Lithuania.


Group Exhibitions

2017 "Not a Museum", gallery‘s „Meno parkas“ artists exhibition at gallery "Meno parkas", Kaunas.

2017 Contemporary art fair POSITIONS BERLIN, Berlin, Germany.

2017 CHORUS, gallery‘s „Meno parkas“ artists exhibition at „Titanikas“, Vilnius.

2017 "I Was Born in a Country That No Longer Exists", former Museum of the City Duisburg, Germany.

2015 The Same Way Of Thinking/Seeing, LAA gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2015 Iceberg of Mnemosyne, VAA art PhD students’ exhibition, gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2015 Нежнó, gallery “Akademia”, Minsk, Byelorussia.

2015 Generations do not Repeat (second time), gallery “Meno forma”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2014 Überfahrt e.V. und Eglė Ulčickaitė, Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf, Germany.

2014 YIA Art Fair’14, Paris, France.

2014 ARTVILNIUS’14, 4th international art fair, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2014 The Other thinking. Young Lithuanian Painters, gallery “Stalowa“, Warsaw, Poland.

2014 Development, VAA art PhD students exhibition, gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2014 Generations (do not)repeat, gallery “Meno parkas”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2013 SALON d’AUTOMNE ‘13, gallery “Meno parkas”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2013 All Right: 220, VAA 220 anniversary exhibition, gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013 The Young. Green Consciousness-3, gallery “Meno parkas”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2013 Exhibition of Alytus art school teachers and students of all time, Alytus, Lithuania.

2013 Art heißt Kunst, Herne city museum, Herne, Germany.

2013 ART MOSCOW’13, International art fair, Moscow, Russia.

2013 XV‘Th International Vilnius Painting Triennial Contexts of painting, CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013 Art cells’13, gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013 ARTVILNIUS’13, 4th international art fair, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012 sveart (Saint-Vincent European art), Valle D‘Aosta, Saint Vincent, Italy.

2012 LITHUANIA NOW!, Liechtenstein Palace, Feldkirch, Austria.

2012 ARTVILNIUS’12, 3rd international art fair, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012 Exhibition of Lithuanian painters, Galerie Mirko Maria Calderone, Dinard, France.

2012 Variations, Vilnius Academy of Arts students‘ exhibition, gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012 Exhibition of youth from Alytus studying Fine arts, Alytus, Lithuania.

2011 The Young Painter Prize’11 finalists’ exhibition, gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2011 Gučio in wonderland International project exhibition, “Pamėnkalnis” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2011 Zurich contemporary art fair’11, Zurich, Switzerland.

2011 BALTICUM. Tides of change, Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria.

2011 ARTVILNIUS '11, 2nd international art fair, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2011 Art Cells '11, Final Master and Bachelor works exhibition, gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2011 The Young Painter Prize‘10 exhibition ‘Upcoming’, KKKC, Klaipėda, Lithuania.

2010 The second contemporary art auction. The exhibition of works, gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2010 Same shit, Different asshole. And later asparagus, Utrecht, Netherlands.


Scholarships, awards, internships

2014 X-XI residency in Dusseldorf (DE) with NRW scholarship.

2014 08 10-24 international PhD summer school “ARTISTIC RESEARCH: THE FUTURE OF THE IMAGE“, Nida art colony, Nida, Lithuania.

2014 individual national scholarship for artist.

2013 diploma for final work of master “Once upon a time there, where I was born”.

2012 Ary Stillman scholarship.

2011 diploma for final work of bachelor “Miss Kristina’s feeling of instability”.

2010 II – VII Erasmus studies in Utrecht school of the Arts, The Netherlands.

2009 Viktoras Vizgirda premium.


Research activity

Since 2013 ongoing project ‘Multiplicity of reality in culture of memory and contemporary art’.

2015 04 30 lecture “Temporary Places”, VAA art PhD students’ conference, “Titanikas”, Vilnius,Lithuania.

2014 08 06 lecture „Painting As a Research“, semminar „ARTISTIC RESEARCH: THE FUTURE OF THE IMAGE“, Nida art colony, Nida, Lithuania.

2014 05 15 lecture “Painting as a Research”, VAA art PhD students’ conference, “Titanikas”, Vilnius,Lithuania.

2013 12 06 lecture “Painting as a micro narrative”, scholarly conference “Memory and Visual Culture”, LKTI, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013 theoretical part of MA degree ‘Once upon a time there, where I was born…’.

2013 essay ‘Ary Stillman: to live for painting’.

2012 essay ‘TRA. The edge of becoming: insights of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari theory’.



Since 2015 member of Lithuanian Artist‘s Association.