10 17 2018  -  11 25 2018


So far as a dream. Or far away as an earthquake for those, living in Lithuania – as teachers taught at school, Lithuania “is not in seismic zone”. So far, as so awaited adulthood for a teenager, which does not come quick enough. Close, as sudden growing old. Close as roaring thunder for the one, who is afraid of the lightening. Close, as two and half an hour flight from London to Lithuania.

Alienation of the neighbors. And identification with people from far away countries, let’s say after watching a movie about their traditions, where same family values were found. Notions close and far are perceived individually. It is a choice to perceive the distance according to inner interest, personal state, mood. Sometimes it is conscious choice. Most often – no. But the moment of recognition is important factor of perception and the SENSE of commonality brings nearer.

International Contemporary Art Festival KAUNAS IN ART. "So Close, So Far"



08 11 2018 (THURSDAY)

14:00 - VAA Textile Department (Sladkevičiaus g. 6, Kaunas) - Artist Christine Dixie (ZA) will going to present her installation "To be King", which is currently exhibited at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery.

16:00 - Gallery "Meno parkas" (Rotušės a. 27, Kaunas) - Talk with gallerist Gregor Podnar (DE).

17:30 - M. Žilinskas Art Gallery (Nepriklausomybės a. 12, Kaunas) - Tour around festival exhibition with artists Kasia Fudakowski (UK) and Christine Dixie (ZA) and gallery's "Meno parkas" Curators.

10 17 2018 (WEDNESDAY)

Kaunas Artists' House (V. Putvinskio g. 56, 44211 Kaunas)

17:00 - 18:30

Presentation of the festival's programme and artists.

Talks by (in English): 
* Talk - "Value (in eco-systhem of art world)" by gallerist, art consultant Tamzin Lovell Miller (ZA).
* Laura Lygaitytė (LT) will share experience from her work in Taiwan gallery and will introduce Asian art market.

Performance by Židrija Janušaitė and Vaida Tamoševičiūtė

18:30 - Duration ~ 50 min

Experimental music concert - Agustí Martínez, Ilona Schneider, Vasco Trilla, Diego Caicedo (CT).

10 18 2018 (THURSDAY)

Kaunas Gallery (Vilniaus g. 2, 44280 Kaunas)

17:00 - 18:30

Private view of festival's exhibition.

Presented artist: Marcelo Brodsky (AR / ES). "1968: The Fire of Ideas"

Exhibition time: 10 18 - 11 18 2018


Meno parkas (Rotušės a. 27, 44279 Kaunas)

18:30 - 22:00

Private view of festival's exhibition.

Presented artists: 
Alexandre Astier (FR). "Feet Rooted to The Ground".
Neringa Naujokaitė (LT / DE). "Art Deco".
Vladas Urbanavičius (LT). "Attic Games".

Exhibition time: 10 18 - 11 24 2018

10 19 2018 (FRIDAY)

M. Žilinsko dailės galerija (Nepriklausomybės a. 12, 44311 Kaunas)

17:00 - 19:30

Private view of festival's exhibition.

17:30 - 18:30

Performance "The Second Skin" by Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė (LT).
Performance participants: artist Robertas Antinis, Professor at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, neurologist Kęstutis Petrikonis, MD Rita Krištopaitytė and Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist Nijole Goštautaite Middtun.

Presented artists: 
Hermione Allsopp (UK). "Mantle Deposits".
Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė (LT). "The Second Skin".
Christine Dixie (ZA). "To be King".
Gregoire Fabvre (FR). "KINO-balopox".
Kasia Fudakowski (UK). "Word Count 04: The Martyrdom of Professor Sanchez".
Jonas Gasiūnas (LT). "Willow's Lake".
Allard van Hoorn (NL). "065 Urban Songlines".
Vytenis Jankūnas (LT / USA). "J 2 Manhattan – The Eternal Traveler Syndrome in a Circular Motion".
Evaldas Jansas (LT). "The Embassy".
Simonas Nekrošius (LT). "The Flow that Struck The Wall".
Laura Zaveckaitė (LT / USA). "In Between".​
Francisco Janes (PT / LT), Laura Zaveckaitė (LT / USA). "Untitled".​

Exhibition time: 10 19 - 11 25 2018

Festival is partly financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuanian and Kaunas City Municipality programme "Iniciatyvos Kaunui".