Meno Parkas Video

Gallery „Meno parkas“ is launching a video channel called „MPV“. Trending presentations and interviews with artists, exhibition and project videos, special collections and archives capturing gallery‘s activity and Kaunas cultural atmosphere dating back to 1997. Public enterprise Meno Parkas Gallery was established in 1997 by Kaunas department of Lithuanian Artists’ Association. In 2018 was established gallery's "Meno parkas" branch in Dusseldorf (Germany).

Project is finnaced by the Lithuanian Council for Culture    



Read more about the exhibition: A contemporary painting exhibition "The same way of seeing / thinking" (Part Three)




Read more about the exhibition: Elena Balsiukaitė-Brazdžiūnienė, Aušra Vaitkūnienė. ONE PLACE - TWO WORLDS




Mindaugas Pridotkas exhibition „Selfportrait with Hands“ at Meno Parkas Gallery in 2014




Meno Parkas Gallery at the contemporary art fair „Arte Fiera“ in Bologna in 2007




Read more about the exhibition: Robertas Antinis. ACT: ERASER




Read more about the exhibition: Marko Mäetamm (EE). SEX, DEATH AND HOLY MOLY




Read more about the exhibition: Dalia Truskaitė. 20/20




Meno Parkas Gallery at the International Contemporary Art Fair Artissima in 2019




Read more about the exhibition: Emilija Liobytė-Vilutienė Nijolė Ingelevičiūtė-Vilutienė, Emilija Vilutytė-Balas. THREE WOMEN



Read more about the exhibition: Vita Opolskytė. a bit (acclimatization)




Read more about the exhibition: Sandra Zanetti (USA), Benjamin Valentín Román (USA), Jenny Nguyen (USA), Will Crosby (UK). Modify




Read more about the exhibition: Nomadic Radical Academy 2020: The Good, The Bad, and The Art




Read more about the exhibition: Patricija Gilytė, Linas Liandzbergis, Arturas Valiauga. Exoplanet




Read more about the exhibition: Julija Pociūtė. The Dazzled Eye Lost Its Speech




Read more about the exhibition: Vytautas Dubauskas. Dose




Read more about the exhibition: Elena Balsiukaitė-Brazdžiūnienė. Oxymoron Trap




Read more about the exhibiton: Leonas Strioga. Hope in the Suffering




Read more about the exhibition: Eglė Ulčickaitė. Amor Vacui




Read more about the exhibition: Aleksas Andriuškevičius. Possible Waterline




Česlovas Lukenskas. Performance "Homicides Thesis" in 2011




Anida Yoeu Ali (KH / JAV). Performance "The Buddhist Bug" during festival "Kaunas in Art" in 2016

More about the Contemporary Art Festival "Kaunas in Art"




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